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December 2010
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Wireless Body Fat Analyzer By VESAG
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Losing weight is not easy till the time you know how much fat is accumulated in your body. If you are trying to get slimmer, losing the body fat is important for you as this makes for the most part of your body weight. Accumulated body fat doesn’t look good and makes a person look flabby. Once you know the amount of body fat that is needed and the excess amount that your body has, you can plan to weight loss easily. As you lose weight, you can also come to know how much fat you are losing. Keeping a track of fat loss becomes easier with a body fat analyzer from mHealth.

If you buy body fat monitor, you can easily keep a tab on your weight loss. This just means that you will not have to go to the doctor time and again to know about your fat loss. You can easily avail body fat analyzer India and lose excess fat on your body. There are a number of equipments and exercises that help you lose body fat. When you notice weight changes, measure it along with the amount of fat that you have lost with the help of a body fat percentage analyzer from Vesag.

Vesag’s accurate body fat calculator is tested on a variety of body types and was found to be effective on all of them. One can use this device very easily without requiring any special knowledge about the device. Even when you do not have much knowledge about how body fat is analyzed, it doesn’t matter as this machine helps you out.

Body fat analyzer from Vesag helps in measuring not just body fat but also some fat related parameters. The recorded information is then transferred to the central monitoring station through a wireless system so that the information can be kept in records and can easily be analyzed. People who are conscious about their health can make use of this monitor and track how much they need to eat to be able to maintain the right amount of fat in their body. They can then track food habits and gradual changes that their body goes through.

One can use the body fat analyzer with Vesag watch or even without it. If used with the watch, one can easily make use of it as it comes equipped with a high precision gauge sensor system. People with a weight of maximum 180 kg can easily weigh themselves on the scale and know the amount of fat accumulated in their body. The monitor is made of glass and steel and is thus the perfect thing you need for your body. This monitor comes with a touch switch and can easily remember details like height and sex of the people who regularly weigh themselves on this scale.

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Health Monitoring Watch by VESAG
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Concerned about the health of your parents? Why not keep a check on it all the time? It does sound a bit unrealistic but there is one thing that makes it easy for you to be able to do this- a health watch. Holistic health care is possible only through a health monitoring watch that can keep a track of different aspects of your health. Even when your parents are thousands of miles away from you, you can keep a track on their health . With a simple click of a button on a medical health watch, one can get immediate assistance from our 24/7 support team.

Your parents and loved ones are special and it is thus your duty to make sure that they enjoy good health. Taking up a health care management plan for your parents from a good company will ensure that your parents stay hale and hearty and do not have to face problems when ill. You can get these updates even when you stay thousands of kilometers away from your parents with the help of these medical alert watches.

Vesag health watch is one such device that can help you keep a check on the health of your parents. This watch is portable and one can wear it on the wrist or as a pendant. The location of the wearer can be tracked with this watch through the built-in GPS tracker. This watch can also act as a medical monitor as reminders can be set in it to remind the patient of the time when he has to take some medicine or has to go in for some health check up. While the health is being monitored, an alarm from the watch can signal bad health. In case this happens, the elderly and your loved ones in problem can be taken to the hospital on time and their life can be saved. Web portals can be used to set reminders in the digital health monitoring watch.

Living with elderly people in home can be difficult when you have to go to your workplace on a daily basis. Elderly are prone to falls and if this happens, a serious situation can emerge. A health watch from Vesag can help you detect falls and offer them complete medical care as and when they need it. It is important to keep a check on the internet round the clock and this can only be made possible through devices like these medical alert watches. Doctors and even common people can use this watch and help their parents and patients enjoy good health.

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Medicine Reminder Systems by Vesag
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Elderly and senior citizens demand special care that is generally absent in cases where the children stay in a location different from their parents. The children are concerned about the health of their parents but find it difficult to take care of their health as they live far away and in most cases do not have anyone else to rely on for taking care of their parents. Especially when the parents are suffering from diseases like dementia and Alzheimer’s, it becomes important for the children to remind the parents of their medication. However, even with the best of intentions the children can’t keep a constant tab on their parent’s health.

To help people who suffer from such problems, electronic medication reminder devices can be of great help. They can be found easily and can prove to be very beneficial for people of all age groups who are concerned for their parents taking medication on time. The medication reminder alarms are innovative and are some of the most important and advanced devices to help the people who face a problem in remembering things. The medication reminder alarm ticks off when it’s time to take the medicine. One can easily program this device and can then use it accordingly.

The patient can then listen to the alarm and be reminded that he/she has to take the medicine prescribed by the doctor. The device can also be used by children who stay at home with their parents to remind the parents to take their medicine or to help the elderly take their medication on time. This will make sure that there are no missed doses in the health care routine of the elderly at your home. Caretakers too can put these devices to use if they do not know when the patient has to take the medicine.

Basic health trends can easily be noted by taking the help of these electronic medication reminder devices. You can use a medication reminder watch which works with the help of a battery and can set reminders for taking medicines. One can easily prevent accidents due to missed doses of medicines by using these devices that can be availed at a low price and can offer benefits beyond your expectations. One should not ignore the health aspect of the elderly and buy medication reminder alarm watches to make sure that one doesn’t suffer from any missed dose side effects. Doctors too can keep a tab on the health of their patients by using this watch which has a number of other benefits as well. Buy a medication reminder watch and see the benefits yourself.

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Help for Alzheimer’s patients from Vesag
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Alzheimer’s patients need special care and to be able to provide them with the same, you need special solutions that are meant for alzheimer’s and dementia patients. When you are away from home, taking care of the dementia patients becomes very difficult. Vesag comes to your help in such a case. Vesag offers comprehensive devices with gps tracking for Alzheimer’s patients. This device works by storing information and thus acts as a digital memory. It can store all the important information about the patient’s health and can also set alarms for their medicines and checkups.

Information about the location of the Alzheimer’s patients too can easily be known by gps location tracing device from Vesag. If you have anyone at home who is suffering from dementia, the best way to take care of their health is by buying personal medical alert systems that can also be used to communicate with them. As people with dementia find it hard to remember things, the device can then act as a secondary memory and can save details like name, address and contact details so that if the patient gets lost, the information can be retrieved by him or by other people who are with them or find them stranded somewhere.

Other tasks that the dementia patients can be reminded of with this gps location tracker are the time for prescribed medication. Some of the key health aspects such as blood pressure, body weight, heart rate and ECG can also be monitored with this tool for medical health care. The data collected from this device can be transferred to the central monitoring station. The information recorded can then be forwarded to the doctor or to the concerned person who wants regular updates on the health of their parents or any elderly person at home. This device can come to use when children and other people in home with any medical conditions where forgetfulness appears need to be attended to. Periodic monitoring of health becomes easier with the help of this electronic medication alert device.

Emergency situations can very well be avoided if regular check is being kept on the health of the elderly at home. When you have all the information about the elderly people suffering from dementia, you can take them for medical care as and when they need it. In emergency situations, calls and smses can be done from this device that is beneficial for every family. The Alzheimer’s disease patients will then be able to move freely without any tension and will be reminded of their medication as and when the alarm and reminders alert them.

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How VESAG - a mobile based personal emergency response system help health conscious citizens.
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The modern day lifestyle leaves little time for most to take care of themselves. With busy work schedules and various other responsibilities, it is not possible to monitor all your vital health parameters on a daily basis. The Vyzin Empowered Security And Guidance or VESAG Watch can help you keep a check on your health every single day and also alert you in case there is reason to be worried.

The VESAG is a complete wireless health monitoring system for the health conscious individual. It keeps a track of your blood pressure, blood sugar, pulse, ECG, temperature, body-water percentage, body fat percentage, BMI, etc. and also informs you about your daily suggested calorie intake. In case either of these levels is about to reach their threshold, the watch sends out a warning signal to you. Once the threshold is reached and crossed, the watch alerts our 24/7 support team, who in turn alert individuals listed on your emergency contact list as well as send for an emergency response team. Since the watch also holds personal health care information, it becomes easier for paramedics to act in case of a health crisis.

The Vesag Health Watch proves to be a great companion for those who suffer from hypertension, diabetes or excessive weight gain, as the watch monitors all these parameters without the need of multiple gadgets. Even in case you indulge in strenuous physical activities that alleviate either of these parameters to abnormally high levels, you will be alerted before emergency services are called for, thereby, decreasing the chances of a false alarm.

For those who are on any kind of medication, the watch allows you to set up medicine reminders as well. Since the VESAG watch comes with an in-built GPS tracking system and allows you to set geo-fences, our team is alerted when you cross those limits. The watch also features a button that helps you make a distress call from any location. Unlike most health monitoring devices, the VESAG watch operates across the globe and from anyplace that supports a mobile signal which makes for added security.

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How VESAG helps kids, women and visitors
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The VESAG or Vyzin Empowered Secuirty And Guidance system is not just for the elderly or those who cannot take care of themselves, it is for all your loved ones. The VESAG health monitoring watch comes with an in-built GPS tracker, which makes it a critical companion when your loved ones are out of sight. It is a great guardian for kids, companion for women and buddy for visitors.

The VESAG Health watch essentially offers to monitor the key health parameters such as blood pressure, temperature, pulse, etc.; track the GPS location; as well as send alerts or make distress calls when the wearer is threatened.

In case of children, the watch makes for a guardian that keeps a watch on them, especially when you are not around. The wireless health monitor lets you know when your child is running a high temperature or has an abnormally high pulse rate, which can be a great warning if the child is scared or in danger. In case the child has wandered away, you can track their location with the GPS tracker that shall give you their exact co-ordinates. You can even set up a geo-fence for them that shall send out an alert when they move out of the desired location for a considerable period of time.

In case of working women, the VESAG health watch is a great companion as it features buttons to make distress calls to our 24/7 support team. The pulse monitor too sends out an alert when the heart rate is abnormally high, which can signify danger. This gives women, especially those who travel late at night, the confidence and security to move at their own convenience. For the same reasons the VESAG watch can be a good buddy for travelers as our services are available globally and the wireless monitors are active as long as they have access to mobile signals.

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How VESAG helps senior care centers
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VESAG or Vyzin Empowered Security And Guidance shares in the primary objective of every senior care, hospital, NGO organization - to provide people with effective health care and a sense of security. Therefore, VESAG has developed a wireless health monitoring watch that assists you offering your patients the best of health care services.

The VESAG Health watch combines superior wireless health and safety monitoring technology. It features the ability to keep a check on various key health parameters such as blood pressure, blood sugar, BMI, heart rate, pulse, skin temperature, body-water percentage, ECG, etc. In case either of these parameters reach or cross their prescribed thresholds, the VESAG24/7 support team alerts the caregivers, emergency contacts as well as emergency response teams for immediate action.

Since the watch and VESAG database together the complete personal medical history of the patient, it aids in giving the patient instant medical care. The care centers, hospitals or NGOs that hold an account with VESAG would have access to this information 24/7 with their personal log in IDs, which would help make taking critical decisions regarding these patients easier.
As the VESAG Watch comes in-build GPS trackers, care centers would benefit by knowing about their patient’s whereabouts at all times. This feature especially helps in taking care of patients suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s, as it can help avoid catastrophes. The watch also offers the ability to customize medicine alerts. This helps equip the patients with a sense of independence and also keep a track of their doses.

Since the watch features an in-built microphone, speaker and a SOS button, patients can reach out to emergency teams of their own without wasting precious time. This would also help hospitals, NGOs and care centers save on costs as it would do away with the need to dedicate resources to monitor patients round the clock.

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