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April 2024
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Help for Alzheimer’s patients from Vesag
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Alzheimer’s patients need special care and to be able to provide them with the same, you need special solutions that are meant for alzheimer’s and dementia patients. When you are away from home, taking care of the dementia patients becomes very difficult. Vesag comes to your help in such a case. Vesag offers comprehensive devices with gps tracking for Alzheimer’s patients. This device works by storing information and thus acts as a digital memory. It can store all the important information about the patient’s health and can also set alarms for their medicines and checkups.

Information about the location of the Alzheimer’s patients too can easily be known by gps location tracing device from Vesag. If you have anyone at home who is suffering from dementia, the best way to take care of their health is by buying personal medical alert systems that can also be used to communicate with them. As people with dementia find it hard to remember things, the device can then act as a secondary memory and can save details like name, address and contact details so that if the patient gets lost, the information can be retrieved by him or by other people who are with them or find them stranded somewhere.

Other tasks that the dementia patients can be reminded of with this gps location tracker are the time for prescribed medication. Some of the key health aspects such as blood pressure, body weight, heart rate and ECG can also be monitored with this tool for medical health care. The data collected from this device can be transferred to the central monitoring station. The information recorded can then be forwarded to the doctor or to the concerned person who wants regular updates on the health of their parents or any elderly person at home. This device can come to use when children and other people in home with any medical conditions where forgetfulness appears need to be attended to. Periodic monitoring of health becomes easier with the help of this electronic medication alert device.

Emergency situations can very well be avoided if regular check is being kept on the health of the elderly at home. When you have all the information about the elderly people suffering from dementia, you can take them for medical care as and when they need it. In emergency situations, calls and smses can be done from this device that is beneficial for every family. The Alzheimer’s disease patients will then be able to move freely without any tension and will be reminded of their medication as and when the alarm and reminders alert them.

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