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June 2024
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How VESAG helps senior care centers
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VESAG or Vyzin Empowered Security And Guidance shares in the primary objective of every senior care, hospital, NGO organization - to provide people with effective health care and a sense of security. Therefore, VESAG has developed a wireless health monitoring watch that assists you offering your patients the best of health care services.

The VESAG Health watch combines superior wireless health and safety monitoring technology. It features the ability to keep a check on various key health parameters such as blood pressure, blood sugar, BMI, heart rate, pulse, skin temperature, body-water percentage, ECG, etc. In case either of these parameters reach or cross their prescribed thresholds, the VESAG24/7 support team alerts the caregivers, emergency contacts as well as emergency response teams for immediate action.

Since the watch and VESAG database together the complete personal medical history of the patient, it aids in giving the patient instant medical care. The care centers, hospitals or NGOs that hold an account with VESAG would have access to this information 24/7 with their personal log in IDs, which would help make taking critical decisions regarding these patients easier.
As the VESAG Watch comes in-build GPS trackers, care centers would benefit by knowing about their patient’s whereabouts at all times. This feature especially helps in taking care of patients suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s, as it can help avoid catastrophes. The watch also offers the ability to customize medicine alerts. This helps equip the patients with a sense of independence and also keep a track of their doses.

Since the watch features an in-built microphone, speaker and a SOS button, patients can reach out to emergency teams of their own without wasting precious time. This would also help hospitals, NGOs and care centers save on costs as it would do away with the need to dedicate resources to monitor patients round the clock.

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