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June 2024
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VESAG Emergency Health Watch
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VESAG unveiled its new product ‘VESAG Emergency Health watch’ during the 1st International CME, workshop and conference on  “COST EFFECTIVE USE OF TECHNOLOGY IN EMERGENCY HEALTH CARE” at All India Institute of Medical Sciences AIIMS, New Delhi, India.  mHealth watch that can be used during all the stages of emergency by patients, doctors  and even nurses.

Traditional emergency alert systems have too many failure points and VESAG designed with one button that does all the work for the nurses when there is medical emergency for the patient and while they are busy with the first aid. Also when the patient is in the recovery room the traditional emergency SOS button is attached to the bed and if the patient needs help and call the central nursing station during an emergency he might not be able to reach the SOS button. VESAG watch provides the solution for both the patients and nurses.

The watch can now be programmed with 6 emergency codes like CODE BLUE, RED, PURPLE etc and once the button is pressed VESAG system will automatically start dialing the preconfigured numbers and leaves the recorded message along with the location of emergency or it can be use for an interactive voice also. VESAG backend system will automatically send text messages and emails to the contacts as soon as the code is pressed. Existing analog telephone lines and IP phones can also be connected to the total code blue solution.

Serial calling is introduced it will call reconfigured contacts one after the other automatically and the patient/nurse can talk or skip and call the next number.  

VESAG is the one and only device in the world that has all the features built into one device, this will avoid the necessity to carry multiple devices to handle the emergency needs.  Some of the use cases include

1.    Proactive Monitoring to avoid trip to emergency and improve Personal Safety
i.    Chronic Disease Management/Remote Health Monitoring.
ii.    Personal Safety/Self Management.

2.    Before Emergency (While And During the transfer to Emergency)
i.    Emergency button and Notification to caregivers during emergency.
ii.    Ambulatory Remote Monitoring.
iii.    Supply of Personal Health Records to Hospital staff during emergency.  

3.    During an Emergency.
i.    Centralized Nurse Monitoring Stations.
ii.    Code Blue/Red/Purple.

4.    After Emergency (Post Acute Care)
i.    Post Acute Care Management.

The VESAG services are expected to bring an increase in the health provisions and its efficiency from economies of scale, savings in the cost of service delivery as a result of cost control measures and improved quality of care for the users of the VESAG services as a result of provision of more cohesive services.

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