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April 2024
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VESAG Mobile Diagnostics Watch
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VESAG unveiled its new product ‘VESAG Mobile Diagnostics watch’ today, a device for aging parents and caregivers.

The watch can now be used by an entire family and its members to avail the emergency medical services more conveniently. Most of the personal emergency response systems or PERS work only for a single member of a house. A VESAG watch can now be used by as many as five members of a family.

All the customers will be provided with a unique identification number. With this unique number, they can access their individual account and retrieve their health data from it. In case the customer does not have access to internet, they can call the customer care centre for more information.

Customers will be able to chat with other customers through their online account to find out more about different techniques that others are following to stay healthy. More information on health can be posted by the customers or VESAG doctors to make the process more interactive and informative. Customers will be able to set up a visit frequency which will allow the VESAG watch to provide an auto alert to the customer if the vital statistics are not received on time for further investigation.

VESAG is also planning to set up VESAG Mobile Diagnostics franchise centers in Andhra Pradesh, India. Here, VESAG will sell a set of devices at minimum rates to the franchise holders. Each of these centers will provide 17 health parameters for a mere $1 per health check up. VESAG will charge only for the royalty which will also be as little as $0.15 for each health checkup from each of these franchise centers. Each of these franchise centers can serve up to 100,000 unique customers.

Senior care centers and elderly home care services companies can sign up for franchise and can now transfer all the medical data of the patient to the central server by using one set of VESAG medical gadgets and watch.

The health parameters are monitored by a group of young doctors. The aim is to integrate health services at the point of primary health care services through:

(i)            Improved health-care delivery (in terms of coverage of population served, improved service quality and lower cost) systems.

(ii)          Producing more coherent health-care product (in terms of user acceptability and provider satisfaction).

(iii)         And improving the health status of the population served (in terms of nutritional, morbidity and mortality status).

VESAG hopes to attain 1000 stores serving 5 million customers across Andhra Pradesh by the end of 2011. VESAG has been able to reduce the extra medical costs that a common man often has to incur in case of emergencies. By connecting the important medical units with a single device, life has been made much easier for people who considered their health expenditure to be their greatest liability. VESAG is also trying to connect the remote villages for providing central healthcare provisions to the people residing in these areas.

The VESAG services are expected to bring an increase in the health provisions and its efficiency from economies of scale, savings in the cost of service delivery as a result of cost control measures and improved quality of care for the users of the VESAG services as a result of provision of more cohesive services.

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